Toyota Land Cruiser market up 29% in 2020

2020 was another great year for the classic and collector Land Cruiser market, with dollar sales up 29% from 2019 – even with the same number of listings in both years. The FJ40 was the top model variant sold in 2020, but the FJ62 and FZJ80 are the markets to watch in 2021.

Land Cruiser Market Stats20202019Change
Dollar Volume$10.6m$8.2m+29%
Listings Sold320284+12%
Sell Through75%66%+14%
Top Sale$173,600$89,600+94%
Average Sale$32,994$28,840+14%
Source: CLASSIC.COM Market Data for Toyota Land Cruiser

Top 5 Land Cruiser Models of 2020

As with previous years, the FJ40 continues to be the top variant sold, but both the FJ62 and FJ60 saw over 100% increase in total dollar sales year-over-year – with the FJ62 almost tripling in market size, and coming close to doubling its average sale. The 80 series generation is also starting to grow, with the FZJ80 variant showing up in meaningful numbers and an impressive 516% growth rate.  

Dollar Volume Average Sale Price
Land Cruiser FJ40$3.8m$4.2m-10%$35,247$29,670+19%
Land Cruiser FJ62$1.4m$356,462+293%$36,111$20,968+72%
Land Cruiser FJ60$1.2m$491,269+144%$28,228$23,394+21%
Land Cruiser FJ45$1.2m$1.3m-8%$52,470$44,995+17%
Land Cruiser FZJ80$876,327$142,350+516%$23,061$15,817+46%

Top 5 Land Cruiser Generations of 2020

Undoubtedly, the 40 Series generation continued to reign supreme, with its multiple variants (FJ40, FJ43, FJ45, etc.) adding up to over 54% of the classic and collector Land Cruiser market. Interestingly, 70 series vehicles, never originally imported into North America, grew to $514,200 in sales during 2020 and the 100 series saw almost 1000% growth. 

Dollar Volume Average Sale Price
Land Cruiser 40 Series$5.8m$6.3m-8%$38,496$30,814+25%
Land Cruiser 60 Series$2.6m$923,031+182%$31,960$22,513+42%
Land Cruiser 80 Series$803,977$220,350+265%$25,935$18,363+41%
Land Cruiser 70 Series$514,200$358,120+44%$23,373$22,383+4%
Land Cruiser 100 Series$440,119$42,150+994%$19,136$21,075-9%

1981 Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser top sale 2020

Top Land Cruiser Sales of 2020

Although the average sale for all variants came in at $32,994, 40-series restomods took the top 5 sales this year, all selling in the six figure range. The highest sale, at $173,600, was for this 1981 FJ43 Land Cruiser restored and modified by The FJ Company, sold at RM Sotheby’s. 

Image: 1981Toyota FJ43 Land Cruiser, Sold for $173,600 at RM Sotheby’s Elkhart Collection (October 2020)


Top 5 SalesTypeSale Price
1981 Toyota FJ43 Land CruiserRestomod$173,600
1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40Restomod$135,000
1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 6.0l 5-SpeedRestomod$127,000
1973 Toyota FJ40 Land CruiserRestomod$109,000
1964 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 PickupRestomod$105,000

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