Porsche 911 market up 9.8% in 2020

The Carrera 3.2 was the top model variant sold, but 2020 was clearly the year of the 991 Speedster

At $104.5m in gross sales, the Porsche 911 was once again the top selling model in the classic and collector car auction market, above the Chevrolet Corvette with $75.1m in sales and the Ford Mustang with $40.1m* in sales (*$71m including the Shelby Mustang). For the year, Porsche 911 USD-denominated sales were up 9.8% from $95.2m in 2019. 

Porsche 911 Market Stats20202019Change
Dollar Volume$104.5m$95.2m+9.8%
Listings Sold1,4291,196+19.6%
Sell Through67%70%-4.3%
Top Sale$1.38m$1.71m-19.3%
Average Sale$73,137$79,598-8.2%
Source: CLASSIC.COM Market Data for Porsche 911

Top Porsche 911 Model Variants of 2020

With respect to model variants, the Carrera 3.2, produced between 1984 and 1989, was the biggest seller this year at $8.1m in gross sales. The 930 Turbo 3.3 saw a decline in total sales, but average prices continued to climb. But clearly, 2020 was the year of the 991 Speedster. A limited production model made for 2019 only, many believe this to be an instant classic.  

Top 5 Model Variants*Dollar Volume Average Sale Price
Carrera 3.2$8.10m$7.60m+6.58%$59,467$56,116+5.97%
930 Turbo 3.3$5.40m$7.10m-23.94%$120,068$114,617+4.76%
991 Speedster$4.10m$370,000+1008.11%$339,025$370,000-8.37%
996 Turbo$4.03m$3.06m+31.70%$49,146$47,813+2.79%
996 Carrera$3.60m$2.30m+56.52%$23,712$21,711+9.22%
*Model Variants may include multiple body styles (Coupe, Cabriolet, Targa, etc). The engine type (displacement) is the same for each Model Variant.

Top Porsche 911 Generations of 2020

With respect to Porsche 911 generations, the 991, produced between 2012 to 2019, took the lead with $23.2 million in sales across 159 transactions. While this is partly a result of the enthusiasm for the 991 Speedster, it also underscores the success that online auctions such as Bring A Trailer and PCARMarket are having with newer car sales. That said, the 996 generation saw 334 transactions and the 997 generation had 244, far larger markets in terms of the number of transactions, albeit at lower average selling prices. Keep in mind that production numbers vary greatly across generations.

Top 5 GenerationsDollar Volume Average Sale Price
Carrera 3.2$8.2m$7.6m+7.9%$59,467$56,116+5.9%

Top Porsche 911 Sales of 2020

Although the average sale for all variants came in at $73,097, the top 5 sales this year were fairly strong even without the blockbuster sales that are typical of physical auction events that were cancelled or moved online this year. A 1976 Porsche 934 race car, sold by Gooding & Co., took the pole position at $1.38m.  

Image: 1976 Porsche 934 sold for $1.38m at Gooding Amelia Island

Top 5 SalesSellerSale Price
1976 Porsche 934Gooding & Co. $1,380,000
1987 Porsche 959 KomfortRM Sotheby’s$1,050,000
1996 Porsche 911 GT2RM Sotheby’s$891,000
2011 Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0Gooding & Co.$621,000
2019 Porsche 911 Speedster ‘Heritage Design’RM Sotheby’s$550,000

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