The Cooling Collector Car Markets of 2022

The S&P 500 finished the year down 19.4% from last year, and many of us are wondering if we would have been better off putting our money elsewhere. While many collector cars gained value in 2022, there were some markets that certainly lost value. Throughout the year, we’ve tracked sale prices from the leading auction venues around the world (live and online), and used that data to present to you the Cooling Collector Car Markets of 2022 – the models of classic and exotic cars whose overall market value has decreased over the past year.

Tips on using this chart:

  • Click on the name of a Market to view all sales tracked in the last 5 years
  • Use the Search box to view all Markets of a certain Make (ex: Porsche, Ferrari, Toyota)
  • Sort the list by clicking on each Column header
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  • The current growth rate of each market is reflected in the color of the “2022 Growth” column – you’ll see red if the market is still declining,grey if it is stabilizing, and one market in green because it’s on the upswing recently.

Enjoy – and don’t forget to check out the Most Expensive Collector Cars Sold in 2022, too!

The Cooling Markets, 2022

Note: Image is representative of the Market as a whole, not a specific listing.

Presented by CLASSIC.COM, The Cooling Markets is a bi-annual list of under-performing markets in the classic and exotic car industry during the last 12 months. Sale prices are collected from the leading auction venues around the world in real time (live and online) and curated into comparable data sets known as Markets. We rank all Markets based on the year-over-year growth in CMB*. Based on data collected from January 1, 2022 through December 15, 2022.

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*The CLASSIC.COM Market Benchmark (CMB) is a benchmark value for vehicles in a given Market based on data accumulated by CLASSIC.COM and calculated by a proprietary algorithm that takes into account volume and recency of each data point. CMB can be used to assess the performance of a market over a given time period. However, it does not represent the value of a specific vehicle. Read more in our Glossary of Terms