2021 – Year in Review

With total US-denominated sales of $2.3 billion, there’s no denying that the collector car market had a great year in 2021 – 77% better than 2020, in fact. But even beyond that, 2021 was a year unlike any other – being 61% better than 2019 as well. In this blog, we dig into some of the trends behind the numbers.

Who knew back in February 2020 what the world was getting ready to experience? We sure didn't. But with almost 2 years in the rear view, we are starting to see trends in the market that were supercharged by the pandemic. Explore this chart by hovering over a bar.

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The Rise of Online Auctions

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Market Busters of 2021

Top 10 Sales of 2021

Top 10 Flips of 2021

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