Vehicle History records on CLASSIC.COM

Every vehicle on CLASSIC.COM includes a History report with records of key events that can effect the value of that car. The three primary types of records you will find in a vehicle’s history are:

  • Auction records: Sale events at online or live auctions, as reported by our auction sources.
  • Dealer records: Sale events at dealers, as reported by our dealer sources.
  • Public records: Data events reported by government or other public data sources.

You can differentiate between these types of records based on the icons and text of the record, as shown in the screenshot below:

Using these records, you can learn a lot about a vehicle:

Sale prices

When a car is listed at auction, we will show the price it sells for in green. If it doesn’t meet reserve, the highest bid received will be noted in red.

In some cases, when a car doesn’t meet reserve at auction, it is sold later and noted in public record.

The same applies for dealer listings… if a sale price isn’t reported by a dealer, it is often recorded separately.

Key specs

In addition to sales events, you will also see when changes to key specs are recorded, like odometer changes…

….or where a car is registered in a new state.

Stay tuned for more updates to Vehicle History data on CLASSIC.COM. We remain committed to encouraging transparency in the specialty car market – so that both buyers and sellers have all of the data that they need to make an informed decision.