Get Comps for your Car with CLASSIC.COM Garage

In your journey as a collector-car enthusiast, we’re sure you’ve come across the need to figure out what a certain model is going for and you’ve felt the need to keep track of those values over time. 

You may be trying to set insurance values for your car, or you’re thinking of selling, or maybe thinking of buying – whatever the case, that need likely involves finding the best comparable sales (“Comps”) for your vehicle, by looking up similar vehicles that have sold and similar vehicles that are for sale. 

With CLASSIC.COM Garage, we’ve made that process both simple and fun. Just enter the details for your vehicle(s) and our system will auto-magically match it to any others like it in our database – producing a list of Comps ranked by a relevance score. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

Your Car in Your Garage

After you add the specs for your vehicle, you’ll get a private vehicle page that looks like the page below.

Screenshot of vehicle details in the CLASSIC.COM Garage

At the top of the page, you will see a Comps Range – a high and low price range that similar vehicles have sold within recently. Depending on the number and types of vehicles similar to yours, this range can be as small as $10K, as shown in this example, or as wide at $100K for cars with more standard specs. That is where the Comps list really comes into play.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of the most relevant Comps for your particular vehicle.

As a connoisseur of your own vehicle’s make and model, take a look at these Comps. If they are not relevant to your vehicle, check out the tips below.

Note: This page is private to you. If you’d like to share it, you can enable sharing using the icon up the upper-right corner.

Comps not right? Check your Model Family & Variant

When you enter the specs for your vehicle – it’s important that you pay specific attention to Model Family, Model Variant, and Body Style. These are the most common areas where Comps can be effected.

Click “Edit” on your vehicle page and make as many changes as needed, using the tips in the next section to guide your updates.

Find your Model Family, Variant, Body Style and more

Specs on vehicle page

To best determine the way that we designate the specs for your vehicle, you can search for a similar car on our website, and reference the specs for that vehicle.

In the Specs table, you’ll see how we’ve applied Model, Generation, Body Style – and so on. Make sure that YOUR vehicle uses the naming we’ve applied to those same inputs.

Watch the video here to see how to:

  1. Search for a similar vehicle
  2. Find a close match
  3. View the specs for that match

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Note: We may not yet have the specific variant or engine that your vehicle has in our system, and therefore Garage may produce mediocre comps. If you think that’s the case, PLEASE LET US KNOW by emailing us here.

We’re working hard behind the scenes to have the most accurate taxonomy of the automotive industry that is known to exist. Sometimes, that involves getting a little input from our users. 🙂 

Stay tuned for more updates to CLASSIC.COM Garage. This is a powerful tool to help classic and exotic car collectors and enthusiasts stay on top of the potential value of their vehicles and/or collection. Just a another way we continue to encourage transparency in the specialty car market – so that both buyers and sellers have all of the data that they need to make an informed decision.

Comps on CLASSIC.COM should not be thought of as showing the exact price that someone would/should pay for a certain car. The goal is to give guidance by evaluating listings based on specific Value Drivers that can be assigned to each listing and compared against each other. To learn more about how Comps are produced, read here.

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