The Top 100 Markets, Mid-year 2023

Presented by CLASSIC.COM, The Top 100 Markets is a bi-annual list of the best performing markets in the classic and exotic car industry during the last 12 months. Sale prices are collected from the leading auction venues around the world in real time (live and online) and curated into comparable data sets known as Markets. We rank all Markets based on the year-over-year growth in CMB*, and report The Top 100 for you. Below are The Top 100 Markets from June 2022 through June 2023.

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Note: Image is representative of the Market as a whole, not a specific listing.

Key Insights from The Top 100 Markets

The top 100 markets exhibited an impressive average growth of 27% over the last 12 months. During this period, these markets collectively saw 963 sales, with an average sale price of $181k, resulting in a total transaction value of $172M. Notably, the market that showed the highest growth was the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth (Europe) (1988) at 78%, while the 100th market, Cadillac CTS-V Sedan - Automatic - 2nd Gen (2009-2014), grew by 17%.

Comparing the average sale price of the top 100 markets, which stands at $180,718, with the overall average listing price in the auction industry over the past 6 months, it is evident that these markets are nearly three times as valuable on average.

If we look at top markets based on sales alone, these 3 markets had the most sales in the last 12 months:

Land Cruiser 200 Series
28 sales, 19% growth

OneTen Wagon
27 sales, 36% growth

RX-7 Touring - 3rd Gen
24 sales, 24% growth

What about 6M growth?

Analyzing the 6-month growth rate, we observed that although 100+ markets showed growth compared to the same period last year, the overall 6-month growth for those same markets is only 10%. Surprisingly, only 83 out of the 100 markets listed experienced growth in the last 6 months.

However, if we consider a top 100 list based on 6-month growth, the average growth would be 17%, with the highest-growing market reaching an impressive 69%. Interestingly, only 41 markets from this list overlap with the 1-year top 100 market table, but 92 of them also demonstrated growth over the 1-year period. This suggests that while these markets typically have limits on long-term growth trends, there are some standout markets that consistently excel in their growth over time.

Contrary to the stability observed in the overall industry indicators, the insights gathered from The Top 100 Markets reveal a dynamic landscape. While the industry as a whole may display stability, individual markets within it have shown significant growth figures both on a yearly and 6-month basis. This insight emphasizes the presence of thriving markets alongside the overall industry stability, presenting an interesting dynamic for further analysis.

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Note: Image is representative of the Market as a whole, not a specific listing.

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*The CLASSIC.COM Market Benchmark (CMB) is a benchmark value for vehicles in a given Market based on data accumulated by CLASSIC.COM and calculated by a proprietary algorithm that takes into account volume and recency of each data point. CMB can be used to assess the performance of a market over a given time period. However, it does not represent the value of a specific vehicle. Read more in our Glossary of Terms