Growing up in the Hudson Valley region of New York, Robert spent his Friday nights with his family’s ritual of going out to dinner followed by the nearby classic car show. Even at a young age, Robert loved scouring the automotive classifieds and ultimately helped his gear-head father find (and later sell) a white 1963 Studebaker Avanti R1. They worked on the car together and showed it locally, even securing a feature in their regional newspaper. 

With decades of experience in luxury wine & spirits and real estate sales, coupled with a broad automotive knowledge, Robert has taken his automotive passion to the next level in Southern California. For years, Robert has been tracking hundreds of emerging collector cars and the ’63 Avanti began his journey of owning and showcasing the rarest and most unique vehicles. If it has an engine swap, rare options, low production, or even a special story, he’s interested!

Robert believes that cars are amazing at bringing people from all backgrounds together and it’s the people that truly make car culture special. On any given weekend, you can find Robert connecting with his friends and other passionate enthusiasts at numerous car events and documenting it on his YouTube channel. If you have a vehicle that is special to you, Robert would love to help you tell its story and find its next caretaker.

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Robert’s Favorite Markets

Having owned Mazda RX-7s, a rare Ferrari F355, and a Dodge Viper crate engine with an incredible story, these are just some of the markets that Robert specializes in. 

Robert’s continuously evolving garage features the 1984 Tritan A2 VIN 001 of 10 built for Domino’s Pizza aka “The Pizza Rocket”, a custom twin Yamaha R1 engined classic Mini named “Maxi”, a Strosek Mega Widebody Porsche 911 Speedster, and a 1956 BMW Isetta 250 Bubble Window. 

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