Meet Alec – A CLASSIC.COM Pro and our exotics expert.

Alec is a film-maker and exotic car enthusiast and collector. He was born and raised in Iran and Sweden, and like many of us, has loved cars since he was a child. His father and uncle owned Trans Ams, Camaros and BMW’s and Fiat’s, and passed along the passion to him.

In 1999, his passion for filmmaking and love for cars brought him to Los Angeles, where he quickly felt right at home. For the next 24 years, he combined his passions for films and cars via music videos and commercials featuring cool cars, and spending any spare money he had on building his own collection and building a car family in Southern California.

Over the years he has worked with Petrolicious and Bring a Trailer, and is excited to help sellers and buyers in Southern California connect to curate their own exotic collections.

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Alec’s Favorite Markets