Your Partner Dashboard on CLASSIC.COM

Official listing partners of CLASSIC.COM get exposure to over 2 million visits a month, from enthusiasts and collectors searching for classic and exotic cars for sale. This drives traffic to dealer and auction websites and ultimately provides high-quality leads for both classic car sales and consignments.

As an official listing partner, you also receive access to a private Partner Dashboard that shows how your listings are performing on CLASSIC.COM. Below is an example of what your Partner Dashboard will look like:

CLASSIC.COM partner dashboard example

The information presented in this screenshot is for example purposes only – not actual data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see this information?

The Partner Dashboard is only available for authorized auctions and dealers who are official listing partners of CLASSIC.COM. Learn more about how to become a listing provider here >

What is an impression?

An impression is a count of the number of times a vehicle was presented to a user on CLASSIC.COM. When a page is loaded, and a vehicle listing is presented on the screen, we count an impression. Impressions include many types of presentation formats, including search result listings, market listings, and comparable sales found on vehicle detail pages.

What is a view?

view is a count of the number of times a user loads a dedicated view of a vehicle on CLASSIC.COM. For example, views are counted when vehicle detail pages or individual vehicle lot pages are loaded by a user.

What is a referral?

referral is a count of the number of times a user clicks on a “view [seller website]” button or text link in the CLASSIC.COM user interface. These user actions result in a new browser window opening and your website loading in that browser window. Referrals are only counted as actions in the CLASSIC.COM interface, and do not count the number of users that successfully loaded content on your website. Due to this difference, you should expect the CLASSIC.COM referral count and referrals reported in your own web analytics reporting to vary.

Interested in becoming a listing provider for CLASSIC.COM? Learn more here >