CLASSIC.COM PRO: Parker Frazier

Parker grew up under an umbrella of multiple automotive categories. In his household, it was all about American Muscle. However, Parker had a different route he wanted to take. As a young automotive enthusiast, Parker moved around various parts of the car world – finally landing him on foreign cars. When his first job introduced him to Japanese cars, Parker got a small taste of what was yet to come from the other side of automotive industry.

After a collection of different jobs in the automotive world, from marketing and sales to even wrapping cars, Parker finally decided he wanted to continue his world of sales in a different way. Parker began locally brokering and sourcing high-end exotics and classics with a niche in supercars such as Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari along with hyper cars such as Pagani, Bugatti and Koenigsegg. Today, his expertise has led him to many different white glove events and automotive unveilings and even some success in his small brokerage and sourcing business.

When Parker is not immersed in his work life (which isn’t often), you can find him on the golf course playing a round of 18 with his father or close automotive friends. On the weekends you will find him at every car show retaining all the knowledge he can and sharing his common love and interest in the finer cars this world has to offer.

Parker’s Favorite Markets