Ed spent his childhood pedaling up and down country roads in the low country of Savannah, Georgia looking for any neglected car project he could get his hands on. His father is who he “blames” for his addiction – due to an early memory of drifting off to sleep in his 1972 VW Type III square back. There was always a new project in the driveway and the world of old cars had him smitten after spending summers under jack stands. After knocking on enough doors and being chased down the occasional dirt road, he finally landed his own dream car at the age of 14: a white 1988 FJ62 Land Cruiser. He was in love, and there was no turning back.

Now in his 30s and living in Utah, he has owned 17 Land Cruisers, and is working on number 18.

Ed’s Favorite Markets

Ed’s speciality lies in the Land Cruiser 60/62 market, but he’s also been a collector and wrencher of 70, 80 and 100 series. He has a passion for the “slower” side of things, and also has a few Alfas, MG’s, Porsche 944s, 928s and 914s. He’s been buying and selling cars non stop over the past 16 years and can’t dream of doing anything else!