A Message From Our CEO

As we say goodbye to 2023, we are entering our 4th full year in operation, and I’m proud to report amazing progress on multiple fronts: 

Over 17M Served

We are so proud to be a trusted resource for collectors and enthusiasts around the world. We ended 2023 with over 17 Million unique visitors, making us one of the largest websites in the industry. We now have over 170,000 registered users who are tracking comps with over 300,000 Market follows and 24,000 Garage listings.

More Listings, From More Sources

We continue to add new sources of listings every month. There are now 276 sellers on the site,  across both dealers and auctions, which received over 2 Million referrals from us in 2023 – helping our users to find any car they are looking for in one place, and know what similar cars are selling for. 

Deeper Market Segmentation

We have created more model variants across many makes and models, deepening our taxonomy and providing more accurate pricing to our users through more relevant comps and filtering options that are far more granular. 

What’s Next

Now that we have made progress on making it easy to discover listings and by providing transparency with respect to pricing, it’s time for us to start tackling our biggest challenge yet: facilitating the process of buying and selling specialty vehicles online. 

In 2023, we introduced our CLASSIC.COM PRO service where we match private sellers with individual professionals that can help them sell their car. In 2024, PRO will evolve into a broader suite of tools and services that any industry professional can leverage to generate leads and sell vehicles online. 

To be clear: We’re not here to become a dealer or to launch a new online auction. We see CLASSIC.COM as an enabler of commerce between buyers and sellers, and we are here to empower the entire industry to be more successful. 

We want to hear from you! 

As we embark on 2024, I want to thank everyone on our team, our investors, and particularly all of our users for your support. Please continue to send us your feedback and comments as we evolve and make improvements to the site. 

  • Create a Garage listing and give us feedback on the comps provided for your vehicles
  • Follow a Market to get alerts when we detect new listings or sales results for cars you are looking for
  • If you have a classic or exotic car to sell, let one of our CLASSIC.COM Pros handle the hassle for you.
  • Do you run a Dealer or Auction that is interested in having your listings included? Reach out to us.

Here’s to another amazing year for the classic and exotic car industry – start your engines! 

Juan Diego Calle
CEO and Co-founder